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Includes Associated Label : STILL ALIVE

AC-DC                                  High Voltage ( Live 1979 )  Picture  Tracks
Aerosmith                              Love In An Elevator  Picture  Tracks
Aerosmith                              Rock This Way ( Live 1992 ) ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Allman Brothers Band           At Fillmore East  Picture  Tracks
Amos Tori                              Live In Canada 1992  Picture  Tracks
Bee Gees                                You Should Be Dancing   Picture  Tracks
Bob Dylan                              Bye Bye Johnny  ( w/ Tom Petty ) ( Live USA 1986 )  Picture  Tracks
Bob Marley                            Buffalo Soldier  Picture  Tracks
Bob Marley                            I Shot The Sheriff  Picture  Tracks
Bon Jovi                                Keep The Faith '93  Picture  Tracks
Bon Jovi                                Living On A Prayer  Picture  Tracks
Bowie David                          Let's Dance  Picture  Tracks
Bowie David                          Live In New York City  Picture  Tracks
Brian Adams                         Keep On Running  Picture  Tracks
Brian Adams                         Reckless Tour '84 ( Live In London )  Picture  Tracks
Brian Adams                         Straight From The Heart  Picture  Tracks
Bruce Springsteen                 Backstreets  Picture  Tracks
Bruce Springsteen                 Born To Run  Picture  Tracks
Bruce Springsteen                 Live In USA 1991  Picture  Tracks
Bruce Springsteen                 No Place Like Home  Picture  Tracks
Chapman Tracy                     Across The Lines  Picture  Tracks
Chris Rea                              Josephine  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton                          Layla  Picture  Tracks
Alice Cooper                          Live In New York ( Sept 13th 1991 )  Picture  Tracks
Creedence Clearwater Revival              Proud Mary  Picture  Tracks
Crosby Stills & Nash               Woodstock '94  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton With Elton John     Wonderful Tonight  Picture  Tracks
Deep Purple                            Hush ( England 1971 - 1972 )  Picture  Tracks
Deep Purple                            Into The Fire  Picture  Tracks
Deep Purple                            Live At The Beeb ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Deep Purple                            Osaka 1972 ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Neil Diamond                          Song Sung Blue  Picture  Tracks
Dire Straits                             Heavy Fuel ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Dire Straits                             Walk Of Live  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                              Hendrix , Morrison & Winter Live In New York  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                              Light My Fire  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                              The Ceremony Continues  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                              When The Music's Over  Picture  Tracks
Eagles                                    Hotel California  Picture  Tracks
Eagles                                    New Kids In Town ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Elton John                             Rocket Man ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Elton John With Eric Clapton     Wonderful Tonight  Picture  Tracks
Emerson Lake & Palmer      Rondo  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton                          Layla  Picture  Tracks
Extreme                                 We Will Rock You ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Faith No More                       Live 1992  Picture  Tracks
Fleetwood Mac                      Greatest Hits Live  Picture  Tracks
Peter Gabriel                         Games Without Frontiers ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Rory Gallagher                      Bullfrog Blues  Picture  Tracks
Galliano                                 Live In Rome  Picture  Tracks
Genesis                                   Hold On My Heart ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Genesis                                   I Know What I Like  Picture  Tracks
George Michael                     Live In USA 1992  Picture  Tracks
Gipsy Kings                           Sorpresa De Navidad  Picture  Tracks
Gloria Stefan                         Homecoming Concert  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead                        Fillmore ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Guns 'N Roses                       One In A Million ( 3 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Guns 'N Roses                       Rocket Queen  Picture  Tracks
Guns 'N Roses                       Unplugged  Picture  Tracks
Guns 'N Roses                       Welcome To The Jungle  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                          Band Of Gypsys  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix             Blues Jam  ( W/ B.B. King and The Paul Butterfly Blues Band )  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                          Foxy Lady  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                          Hendrix , Morrison & Winter Live In New York  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                          Lover Man  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                          Purple Haze  Picture  Tracks
Hot Tuna                               Funky # 7  Picture  Tracks
Jimmy Cliff                            Live In Woodstock  Picture  Tracks
Iron Maiden                           Live In Italy  Picture  Tracks
Iron Maiden                           Live At Donington ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Iron Maiden                           The Prisoner  Picture  Tracks
Jamiroquai                            Too Young To Die  Picture  Tracks
Jethro Tull                             Serenade For A Cuckoo  Picture  Tracks
Joe Cocker                            Woodstock 1994  Picture  Tracks
John Lennon                          Imagine  Picture  Tracks
Lenny Kravitz                        Let Lenny Rule   Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin                          In The Evening  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin                          Whole Lotta Love  Picture  Tracks
Lou Reed                                       Walk On The Wild Side  Picture  Tracks
Metallica                                Live 1994  Picture  Tracks
Miles Davis                            Live On Stage ( Denmark 1985 ) ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Monterrey Pop                      The COMPLETE Monterrey '67 Vol 1 ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Monterrey Pop                      The COMPLETE Monterrey '67 Vol 2 ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Monterrey Pop                      The COMPLETE Monterrey '67 Vol 3 ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Mountain                               Live In Osaka 30/8/73  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                             Like a Hurricane  Picture  Tracks
Nirvana                                 Come As You Are  Picture  Tracks
Nirvana                                 In Memory Of Kurt  Picture  Tracks
Nirvana                                 Unplugged  Picture  Tracks
Robert Palmer                      Johnny And Mary  Picture  Tracks
Pearl Jam                              Alive  Picture  Tracks
Pearl Jam                              Live In Boston ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Another Brick In The Wall  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Atom Heart Mother Live ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Cymbaline  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Keep Talking ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Miami Bell '94 ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Now And Forever ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Live In Pompeii ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Livewall ( 3 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Roma '94  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             The Concert In Modena ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Venetian Nights ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                             Volcanic Destruction  Picture  Tracks
The Police/Sting                    Born In The 50's  Picture  Tracks
The Police/Sting                    Every Breath You Take  Picture  Tracks
The Police/Sting                    Live In The USA ( 1979 - 1983 ) ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Procol Harum                       Broken Barricades  Picture  Tracks
Queen                                    The Concert In London ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Queen                                    We Will Rock You  Picture  Tracks
Queen                                    You're My Best Friend  Picture  Tracks
Rage Against The Machine  Freedom  Picture  Tracks
Ramones                               Live In Rome  Picture  Tracks
Rea Chris                             Josephine  Picture  Tracks
R.E.M.                                  Begin The Begin  Picture  Tracks
R.E.M.                                  Radio Song  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                       Brown Sugar ( Alegra )  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                       Live In Paris 1965  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                       Love is Strong Tour 1994 ( 2 cd set )  Picture


Rolling Stones                       Miss You  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                       Sympathy For The Devil  Picture


Rolling Stones                       Waiting For A Friend  Picture  Tracks
Santana                                 Give And Take  Picture  Tracks
Santana                                 Live In Woodstock  Picture  Tracks
Simon & Garfunkel              America  ( On Stage Recs. ) Live in the USA  Picture  Tracks
Soul Asylum                          Recorded Live In The USA 1993  Picture  Tracks
Rod Stewart                          Passion  Picture  Tracks
Stray Cats                             Baby Blue Eyes  Picture  Tracks
Bruce Springsteen                Backstreets  Picture  Tracks
Bruce Springsteen                Live In USA 1991  Picture  Tracks
Stevie Ray Vaughan             Guitar Boogie  Picture  Tracks
Sting                                     Best Of Live vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
Sting                                     Mad About You ( Live at the Hollywood Bowl , USA , 1991 )  Picture  Tracks
Spin Doctors                         Doctors Order  Picture  Tracks
Spin Doctors                         Off My Line  Picture  Tracks
Simply Red                           Groovy Situation  Picture  Tracks
Stone Temple Pilots              Unplugged  Picture  Tracks
Supertramp                           Dreamer  Picture  Tracks
The Style Council                 Cappuccino Kid  Picture  Tracks
The Who                               Dangerous  Picture  Tracks
The Who                               My Generation  Picture  Tracks
The Who                               Pinball ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Tom Petty                             Bye Bye Johnny  ( w/ Bob Dylan ) ( Live USA 1986 )  Picture  Tracks
Tom Petty                             Live In Wilmington  Picture  Tracks
Tom Petty                             Louie , Louie  Picture  Tracks
Toto                                      Live In Europe 1992  Picture  Tracks
Toto                                      Tribute to Jeff Porcaro  ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Traffic                                  Steve Winwood's Live 1970/1971 ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
U 2                                        Gloria  Picture  Tracks
U 2                                        M.L.K.  Picture  Tracks
U 2                                        Zoo Tour ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
UB 40                                   Paris  Picture  Tracks
Van Halen                            Love Walks In  Picture  Tracks
Van Morrison                           Live At Pacific High Studios 1971 ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Roger Waters                      The Tide Is Turning  Picture  Tracks
Johnny Winter                     Hendrix , Morrison & Winter Live In New York  Picture  Tracks
Johnny Winter                     Highway 61 Revisited  Picture  Tracks
Woodstock                           Freedom  Picture  Tracks
Z Z Top                                Live In New Jersey  Picture  Tracks
Z Z Top                                She Loves My Automobile  Picture  Tracks









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